Smart Alerting

Mobilise resources through smart alerting

FireServiceRota flawlessly integrates availability with alerting to mobilise efficiently through FireServiceRota's smartphone alerting app and backup channels.

Always know who’s coming

Smart alerting allows Incident Managers to get accurate, real-time information on who is attending the call. The system can show firefighters’ expected time of arrival and other incident details* on the Station Display.

At the same time, it provides Fire Control timely insight to scale up and request the support of other available stations in case of last-minute understaffing. 

FireServiceRota provides a new alerting channel for Fire and Rescue Services, read more about this in our Buyer's Guide.

*Any location based services depend on explicit consent of the user.

Intelligent mobilisation through planned availability

Relying on planned availability, FireServiceRota is able to alert team members with the required skills.

Each emergency requires specialised personnel; which is why FireServiceRota is able to individually alert firefighters. Firefighters are selected based on fairness, their skills, and availability.

If someone rejects the call or fails to acknowledge in time, the next available firefighter with the missing skill(s) will be alerted.

Mobile app

FireServiceRota’s mobile app allows the receiving of incident alerts and confirm or reject attendance status.

The app can read the incident text out loudly, show incident details and the response status of other attendees. 

Depending on the user’s personal consent to share location information, the app can make the expected time of arrival visible to other responders and/or allow you to manage your availability with geofencing. 

Phone call

FireServiceRota integrates with phone-call services that can call the user when an incident comes in and describe the incident information.

The user can confirm or reject their attendance. Watch the video on the right to see it in action. 


FireServiceRota integrates with smart pagers and considers user availability to send the alert.

The system captures the users' responses via smart pagers. The list of available members is shown on the Incident Display at the station to identify confirming crew.


The system can also send out Short-Message-Service (SMS) messages to alert available crew even if they don't have data access on their phones.