We provide tools to first responders to do their daily job efficiently and smartly.

We care for our users, which is why our focus is to provide software that streamlines processes and allows them to do their jobs efficiently. Our software is created by firefighters for firefighters, and we collaborate closely with our customers to continuously improve our product.


Our infrastructure is highly redundant and contains no single points of failure. We can guarantee 99.9% uptime and expect to deliver 99.99% uptime annually.

Flexibility and easy configuration

With its flexible roster engine, FireServiceRota seamlessly supports the existing scheduling methods of any fire station operating on any shift pattern. It supports fire brigades with its unique combination of strict planning (standby duty), team rosters, individual rosters, and the ability to cope with last-minute changes.

Ease of use and accessibility

FireServiceRota is accessible via every device: computer, tablet, smartphone, and pager. Users can easily manage their rosters wherever they are. This allows them to be on-call when needed and off-duty when possible.

Accountable and auditable

FireServiceRota has comprehensive reporting tools that provide insight into historical and current resource availability, improving transparency and accountability. Besides, the reports give actionable information about structural understaffing problems.

Real-time overview

FireServiceRota can show the real-time resource availability of one or more fire stations on a single display. These displays can be installed in fire stations, where they also show the expected arrival time of the confirmed crew to the fire station, or in an Emergency Control Centre for a tactical view of a county or district.