2019 - FireServiceRota's year in review

2019 has been an incredible year at FireServiceRota - not only for our team but for the Fire and Rescue Services that have trusted us and worked along us to make FireServiceRota the most flexible and reliable scheduling software for firefighters. 

As the year comes to an end, we would like to reflect on the most important features we delivered and the achievements we accomplished along with our customers. 


As a company, we are very grateful for our customers’ trust, which has led to our growth and remarkable achievements we have accomplished. Some of the most important are: 

Falck Denmark

One of the world’s largest rescue companies, Falck, operates several Fire and Rescue Services across Denmark. Through close collaboration, we now serve more than 1/4 of the fire stations Falck operates, and we are setting up one new station per week, on average.

You can read more on that story on our blog: https://www.fireservicerota.com/blog-fsr/customer-story-danish-firefighters-successfully-adopt-fireservicerota.

IHM Partnership

With presence all around the globe, IHM is a world leader in communication solutions for Control Room operations. FireServiceRota and IHM partnered up to offer our solution through IHM in Denmark and Scandinavia. You can learn more from them on their website: https://www.ihm.dk/en/.

Cleveland Fire Brigade

Another great news came from the northeast, as Cleveland Fire Brigade awarded FireServiceRota a 5-year contract for the provision of scheduling software for their on-call brigades. CFB’s on-call stations will go live with FireServiceRota on January 2020. 

We are currently under contract negotiations with another UK Fire and Rescue Service, looking forward to implementing FireServiceRota at on-call and wholetime fire stations in 2020. 

Tradeshow exhibitions

FireServiceRota exhibited for the third straight year at the Emergency Services Show, the most important tradeshow of its type in the United Kingdom.

We also joined our partner IHM at the Danske Beredskabers Årsmøde in Odense, Denmark, allowing us to learn from the Danish Fire and Rescue Services and showcase our solution at the largest emergency services exhibition in the Nordic countries. 

Delivered Features

Here are some of the most important features we delivered to our customers during this year:

Mobile App v3

A new, built-from-scratch version of FireServiceRota’s mobile app was made available for iOS and Android to provide a robust and reliable channel for firefighters to interact with the system. 

Significant upgrades were made to the stability and robustness of the app’s infrastructure to ensure real-time information updates.

The incident alert workflow was rebuilt from scratch to streamline the process of incident alert and acceptance. 

Learn more about the new app’s features in our blog article: https://www.fireservicerota.com/blog-fsr/whats-new-on-fireservicerotas-mobile-app


FireServiceRota invested in developing a reliable backup alerting channel for our customers. 

The system allows Command & Control to dispatch resources through multiple channels, providing Incident Managers accurate, real-time information on who is attending the call. 

The system can show firefighters’ expected time of arrival and other incident details on the Station Display.

Through smart alerting, Fire and Rescue Services get accurate and timely insight to scale up and request the support of other available stations in case of last-minute understaffing. 

See how alerting works in FireServiceRota:


One of the most exciting updates we made was the new flexible dashboard module, which provides a fully customisable canvas that allows users to arrange the information they require in a way that suits their needs. 

FireServiceRota’s customisable dashboards are built from “widgets”; components that display information about a specific aspect of your organisation. Widgets can be dragged, dropped and resized onto the canvas. The appearance and filter settings are customised by the user on the fly.

You can see a list of available widgets in this blog post, and we continuously add new widgets to improve user experience. 

At the time of an incident, the dashboard immediately switches to Incident Mode, displaying useful information like the route to the incident, confirmation of attendance and the street view of the location of the incident. 

Learn more about Incident mode dashboard here: https://www.fireservicerota.com/blog-fsr/monitor-ongoing-incidents-with-improved-flexible-incident-dashboards.

What’s next?

2020 will be an exciting year for FireServiceRota as we move forward with new roll-outs and into new markets. Yet, none of these year’s accomplishments would have been possible without the trust and collaboration of our customers. 

All of us here at FireServiceRota are sending holiday cheer to you and your family, in particular to all those who will be working over the festive period.

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