FireServiceRota will join the Danske Beredskabers Årsmøde for the first time

The Danske Beredskabers Årsmøde (Danish Emergency Preparedness Annual Meeting) will be held at Odense Congress Center on 28 and 29 August. FireServiceRota (Stand 1236/1239) will showcase success stories and explain how its powerful resource management software for firefighters can be a great ally to Fire and Rescue Services in Denmark. 

Invited by our business partner for the Nordics, IHM (  FireServiceRota will join the most important meeting and tradeshow for emergency services in Denmark. 

The event provides an invaluable opportunity to FireServiceRota to network and learn from Danish Fire and Rescue Services and, along with our partners from IHM, showcase our resource management software in the largest emergency services exhibition in the Nordic countries. 

About the solution

FireServiceRota automatically identifies and warns in advance when understaffing will occur. The system suggests the reallocation of supernumerary staff, thus reducing expensive overtime costs. 

It has comprehensive reporting tools that provide insight into historical and current resource availability, improving transparency and accountability. In addition, the reports provide information about structural understaffing problems allowing informed and targeted recruitment and training efforts.

FireServiceRota supports flexible crewing methods on stations to match the resource requirements. Firefighters can confirm their incident attendance to provide real-time appliance crewing status to firefighters, station managers and fire control. Firefighters can update their rota in an automated workflow, saving time and increasing the accuracy of data.

The system engages with personnel well-being by allowing firefighters to easily manage their own rosters wherever they are using innovative mobile applications, smart pagers and GPS location-based services. 

Firefighters are made aware of imminent crewing deficiencies and the system invites them to adjust their availability or exchange shifts and restore the crewing status.

Most importantly, FireServiceRota is able to analyse the information generated in the system and provide insight into frequent crewing deficiencies or supernumerary staff to optimise capacity. 

About FireServiceRota

FireServiceRota is a software company dedicated to providing resource management systems to on-call and full-time fire stations across the world. 

We provide our clients with cloud-based software accessible through multiple devices to ensure the readiness of fire stations while allowing firefighters to balance their work/life commitments in a better way. 

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