What’s new on FireServiceRota’s mobile app?

FireServiceRota released a new version of its mobile app for iOS and Android in an effort to provide a robust and reliable channel for firefighters to interact with the system. 

The development of this new version focused mainly on improving user experience and reliability of the platform. The goal of the new app is to provide a solid back up alerting channel, along with the possibility of reviewing and updating their rota (even by consented geo-location). 

Here’s what new on v3 of FireServiceRota’s app for Android and iOS:

Reliable, up-to-date data on the status page

One of the most important improvements to the app is the reliability and accuracy of the information displayed. Important upgrades were made to the stability and robustness of the app’s infrastructure to ensure real-time information updates.

Robust Scheduling section (and the pages inside it)

The schedule section and the pages inside it (personal availability, change availability, duty exchange) are more robust and prevent the user from entering incorrect data. The users cannot choose an incorrect start time or end time in any of the date-time pickers from the components mentioned above.

Improved geolocation functionalities

The new app has improved accuracy to the geolocation data shared with the system. This data is completely confidential and requires explicit consent by the user to share their location with the system to update their availability based on location. 

Streamline incident alerts (and text-to-speech)

The incident alert workflow was rebuilt from scratch to streamline the process of incident alert and acceptance. 

On Android devices, the settings allow for an incoming incident to automatically unlock the phone and speak out loud the incident information. On iOS devices, the text-to-speech feature is also available. 

When clicking or responding to an incident push notification, it redirects the user to the Incident lobby and shows the active incident. 

A comprehensive view of appliance statuses in multiple stations 

The Status page also provides a new overview of appliance statuses of all stations a user is a member of. This new view allows firefighters to have better control of the impact of their availability status on the response capacity of multiple stations. 

Share your thoughts

These improvements are aimed at improving user experience and performance of the app. At FireServiceRota we work hard to provide flexibility and reliability to fire and rescue services and we expect these updates will help our users perform their activities in a better way. 

Please share your feedback with us at info@fireservicerota.com, we look forward to hearing from you!  

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