FireServiceRota will join the Danske Beredskabers Årsmøde for the first time

Press Release: FireServiceRota is attending the Danske Beredskabers Årsmøde at Odense Congress Center on 28 and 29 August.

Customer Story: Danish firefighters successfully adopt FireServiceRota

Falck stations in Denmark began using FireServiceRota in December 2018 Here's what they've experienced so far.

Monitor ongoing incidents with improved Flexible Incident Dashboards

We are working hard to make FireServiceRota the ideal system to monitor ongoing incidents. Take a look at the new widgets.

5 tips to help on-call firefighters embrace FireServiceRota

Find a couple of different ways you can use to encourage your on-call firefighters to start using FireServiceRota.

Could over-trusting your personnel drive efficiency?

Trust, autonomy and empowerment are essentials to match the demands of the current landscape for Fire and Rescue Services.

Her Majesty's Inspectors are coming… are you ready?

HMICFRS started inspections of England's Fire & Rescue Services to assess how well they prevent, protect against and respond to fires.

Achieving optimal crewing levels is a matter of balance

For Fire Authorities, optimising resources has become a mix of art and science that demands proper planning for performance and resilience.

To pick your own shifts - Reaching a new level of flexibility in fire stations

As the need for efficiency grows, Fire and Rescue Services look to adopt new scheduling models that allow them to provide top quality service to the public and optimise crewing and financial performance.

From compliance to performance: An in depth look into booking codes

Complex business rules: staffing models, staffing changes, budget constraints, reporting and integration to payroll systems have become pressing issues that demand innovative solutions

Balancing budget and contract performance in Fire and Rescue Services

Flexibility is the key to go beyond complying with contract requirements toward achieving better performance and increasing the quality of service to the public

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