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Agile development

We understand that software is never a finished product and there is no real “one-size-fits-all” solution, which is why we work alongside our customers to support their particular requirements.

FireServiceRota runs one version of its software to support all customers across the globe, so we like to we find out why the customer is asking for something, before we implement it.

To achieve so, we follow an Agile approach to software development. We collaborate with our customers to understand their needs and make proper adjustments that fit their particular way of working. Next, we deliver a creative solution that fits in a flexible and efficient resource management system.

Implementation and support

Intuitive software, friendly humans

FireServiceRota is intuitive, user-friendly software that can be learned on the run. However, we believe that kind, engaged human interaction is key to ensure a successful implementation and caring support should be provided throughout the relationship with our customers.

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FSR Academy

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“Thank you, for making it easy for us to choose you. Your product is unique, however your service is just as unique, and very important to us. The feedback we get from our firefighters in the stations working with you, is excellent, and that is just what we need right now.”

Lotte Lodberg Andersen, Chief of Operations, Falck DK

“The relation is unique and unlike the working relation we have had with any other service provider.”

Scott Hurford, Area Manager, Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service