FireServiceRota for the Irish Retained Duty System

By Firefighters, for Firefighters:
Empowering Ireland's Fire Service with
Flexible Availability and Alerting Software Solutions

Simplifying Shift Management

At FireServiceRota we understand the unique rostering and planning challenges faced by Ireland’s retained firefighters.

Our app is designed to make managing availability and shift changes as seamless and simple as possible.

FireServiceRota provides availability planning
from the palm of your hand:

Effortless Setup

Easy to set up and easy to use, FireServiceRota facilitates a fast and straightforward set-up in seconds at
your station.

Simple Shift Swaps

Easily book on or off-duty and swap shifts with colleagues directly through the app.

Clear Weekly View

Our overview dashboards show your week-on/week-off schedule at a glance. This makes it easier to plan ahead.

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