Meet The Team

Cor, Co-founder

Cor is one of the founders of FireServiceRota in 2006. His journey started working side-by-side with a local Station Manager to help firefighters be available when needed, and free when possible.

Our purpose hasn't changed, but Cor's role has. Since 2006, Cor's responsibilities have evolved from being a software developer to become the team leader he is today. Together with Ruben, he grew the team with highly dedicated and motivated team members. Fully committed to help save lives by alerting and planning firefighters flexibly and reliably.

Ruben, Co-founder

Ruben is owner of FireServiceRota together with his long-time friend Cor (they met in high school!) His passion is to make this world a safer place while helping firefighters do their work with more freedom and flexibility.

As Chief Technology Officer, he works closely with FireServiceRota's fantastic Customer Success and Development teams to first deeply understand the problem our users are facing, before coming up with practical and simple (technical) solutions.

Ruben studied Computer Science at Delft University of Technology and holds a Ph.D. in AI from the University of Southampton. He lives in Mexico City with his wife Rocío and daughter Emily, and is an avid fan of LEGO.

Rebeca, Lead Product Manager

Rebeca joined FireServiceRota's team back in 2015. Her background is Software Engineering, but she's moved towards more customer facing roles.

For the past years, she's lead the Customer Success Team and now, together with Ruben and Cor, she is leading the company at a strategic level focusing on Product Development, so that we can continue improving our products and coming up with innovative solutions for you.

She's passionate about helping others, understanding their challenges and coming up with solutions both within the team and for the customers.
The three things Rebeca enjoys the most in the world are: spending quality time with her dog Alana, her job and going to concerts.

Mark, Firefighter

He has over twenty years experience in the UK Fire and Rescue Service serving both as a on-call and full-time firefighter.

His current role is to assist FireServiceRota with customer identification, development and roll-out, providing vital end user experience and understanding. You will meet him in most procurement, trial and roll-out processes. Mark enjoys customer interaction, in particular understanding customer need and exploring efficient and effective solutions.

Mark is married and a father of 2 boys, he and his family like the great outdoors! You will find him canoeing, cycling, walking with his dog and visiting the village pub!

Gabriel,  Customer Success Team Leader

Gabriel has been a customer-facing team member at FireServiceRota since 2016. His experience in customer support, service and success has allowed him to deeply understand their needs and find creative ways of using FSR to achieve their goals.

He is also an experienced sports marketer, and plays golf for fun so if you are in for a good discussion about sports, he’s your guy.

Guille, Customer Success Representative

Guille has been in the team since 2018. She is a lovely wife and mom of two beautiful (and tireless) toddlers, and while not at work, she loves spending time with her family and dancing salsa and bachata whenever she can. Within FSR, she is fully committed to ensure that our customers' experience is the best possible.
Empathetic and supportive, she likes to help others and is constantly looking for opportunities to create a positive impact in the world.

So whether you are facing any challenge related to the usage of the FSR System in any of its components, or looking for a Latin Rhythms dance teacher, don’t hesitate to contact her, she will be glad to help and ready for action!

Yael,  Developer

He is a software engineer at FSR since January 2018. He is the team’s moderator in every meeting we have. He’s also SCRUM’s arbiter.

Software developer during the day; metal-head, witcher, dragon hunter, and space commander during the night.

Stefan,  Customer Success Representative

Stefan joined the FireServiceRota team full-time after finishing his master degree in precision and microsystem engineering at the University of Technology Delft. Next to being a geek he is member of the local fire brigade where is a crew commander and almost a driver.

By combining his personal experience as a firefighter with the work he does for FSR he tries to close gap between customer needs and software capabilities.

He is always in for a cup of coffee or a drink at the bar! So if you arrange the coffee, he will get the delicious Dutch stroopwafels.

Andrea,  Customer Success Representative

Andrea is an International Relations graduate from the University of Guadalajara. She is new in the field of tech and software but in the past, she has worked with international organizations that focused on entrepreneurship and education that involved the tech industry.

You will find her helping you out in the Customer Success team, understanding what you need to improve your experience in FSR.

She enjoys helping change other peoples' lives and you will always see her willing to help when is needed.

Camilo,  Customer Success Representative

Camilo is an Architect from Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Querétaro who joined our team at the end of 2021. With a passion for helping others, he is dedicated to providing top-notch service through FireServiceRota. You'll often find him tackling challenges with our Customer Success Team.

Outside of work, Camilo is a sports enthusiast, gamer, dungeon crawler, and miniature painter. He is always accompanied by his beloved dogs, Mugu and Dembe, and Maracuyá the guinea pig.

Tonnis,  Customer Success Representative

As of January 2022, Tonnis Goosen started as a service and sales consultant. After graduating from Technical Business Administration he has more than 20 years of working experience in ICT through various commercial and operational jobs.

As a station manager and OIC, he is also responsible for the on-call firefighters at the Boekelo fire station in The Netherlands. With his passion for the fire service, he wants to contribute to preparedness solutions for his firefighter colleagues.

Due to his commercial/technical background, combined with his knowledge about the fire service, he hopes to recognize opportunities and to be able to serve customers even better.

José Antonio,  Developer

José Antonio is a developer for FSR. He has a bachelor in Geophysical Engineering and then decided to move to another area so he could learn more about his other interest: Computers!! Which is why he studied a Masters in Computers Science.

He likes sports, cooking and videogames. He also has a passion for learning and he is always up for a good chat. Just be careful talking about horror movies because he'll never stop. Also, if you want curious facts about the earth, he is your guy.

Steve,  Consultant

Steve Sadler is a professional researcher, writer, &  On-call firefighter.  But mostly, and most importantly he is father of two; partner of one. Steve has worked for 4 years as an NHS professional and has served in four Fire and Rescue Services throughout England: Cornwall, Devon & Somerset, Staffordshire and Shropshire. Throughout his career, he has used, and continues to use many forms of public safety technology to serve our communities.

As a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Keele University, Steve used his research expertise alongside this fire service experience to develop a comprehensive research, data and evidence-based approach for the availability of On-call fire engines. During this project he became aware of FireServiceRota, its use in the public sector, notably its use as a  technology solution for the top three fire and rescue services for fire engine availability.

Steve now works with FireServiceRota in the role of Strategic Consultant and Representative.

Monica,  Marketing and
Virtual Assistance

Monica is an Industrial Designer who channels her creativity into understanding people's emotions and bringing a touch of warmth to every project.

Passionate about helping others and crafting unforgettable experiences through details, she is focused on creating a seamless and engaging experience for our clients while providing support and consistent care to each team member.

She enjoys baking, dancing, and when not working, you can probably find her drinking coffee, watching "FRIENDS," or hanging out with her family and dogs.