Meet The Team

Cor, Co-founder

Cor has a background in business consulting, project management and software development.

His current role is to use his extensive experience implementing the FireServiceRota software to address the day to day planning challenges in fire services. You will meet him in most procurement, trial and rollout processes.

Cor is a father of 2 boys, likes sailing, playing the piano and practices aikido just in case we would have our first occasion of a customer relationship taking an unexpected turn.

Ruben, Co-founder

Dr. Ruben Stranders studied Computer Science at Delft University of Technology and holds a Ph.D. in AI from the University of Southampton.

He is a co-founder of FireServiceRota, which specializes in planning and dispatching software for emergency services. Ruben teaches AI at Tec de Monterrey, and also builds crypto trading bots using AI.

Rebeca, Customer Success Leader

Rebeca joined FireServiceRota's team back in 2015. Her background is Software Engineering but now she’s fully dedicated to Customers Success.

Her experience developing software has allowed her to do what she loves most: help people. She’s on the field constantly talking to customers, making sure we understand what they need and why so that we can continue improving FireServiceRota.

Rebeca's other passion is music, she spends most of her money in concerts and her free time curating her own playlists. If you're lucky, you will see her dancing while working, that means she's in the flow.

Mark, Firefighter

He has over twenty years experience in the UK Fire and Rescue Service serving both as a on-call and full-time firefighter.

His current role is to assist FireServiceRota with customer identification, development and roll-out, providing vital end user experience and understanding. You will meet him in most procurement, trial and roll-out processes. Mark enjoys customer interaction, in particular understanding customer need and exploring efficient and effective solutions.

Mark is married and a father of 2 boys, he and his family like the great outdoors! You will find him canoeing, cycling, walking with his dog and visiting the village pub!

Guille, Customer Success Representative

Guille joined the team in August of 2018 to identify business opportunities including new markets, growth areas and trends.

She has a Master's degree in e-Commerce and her passion is to solve real-world problems through technology, always considering everyone involved in the process. Smiling all the time, she loves dancing, traveling and solving puzzles.

Yael,  Developer

He is a software engineer at FSR since January 2018. He is the team’s moderator in every meeting we have. He’s also SCRUM’s arbiter.

Software developer during the day; metal-head, witcher, dragon hunter, and space commander during the night.

Gabriel,  Customer Success Representative

Gabriel has been responsible for giving FireServiceRota a voice since 2016. He’s a Marketing and Communications specialist who enjoys creating content to explain the features, benefits and stories behind FireServiceRota.

He is also a sports marketer with experience in professional baseball, so if you are in for a good discussion about sports, he’s your guy.