Payroll integration

Accurate and Reliable

Easily export data from FireServiceRota to your payroll system to ensure fair and proper remuneration of the work done.

Easily keep track of worked hours

FireServiceRota keeps track of availability and shifts, while also accounting for incident related activities.

The Resource Management System gathers valuable data of firefighters’ roles and activities, and incident details that can affect payment, like location and duration of the event.

FireServiceRota provides a robust integration that allows exporting every detail of relevant information to the Fire and Rescue Service’s Payroll System, regardless of how complex the payroll rules are.

Also, the payment rules can be set up and adjusted in a flexible way to meet your service needs.

Furthermore, each firefighter has access to an individual overview of their payable items.


FireServiceRota’s payroll engine has strict access controls and offers the option to secure sensitive accounts. Managers with special system privileges can access all bookings retroactively and can modify them up to 6 weeks back, but any such change is logged and auditable in a dedicated report.

Activity reports can only be filled in by a manager and reviewed by another manager (4-eyes process). Once completed, the report is locked and can no longer be changed.

All rota bookings and activity report updates are logged and audited by capturing what was changed when and by whom. This provides full visibility of (retroactive) changes and gives insight into who was involved and when was it changed.


Review and approve activity reports

Managers can review and modify reports of worked hours and under which concept. Superior officers can edit, reject or accept them.

Match activities to payroll codes

FireServiceRota's payroll engine processes data to match each performed activity to its corresponding payroll code and determines if it is eligible for payment.

Custom output

The output is a custom file designed for the Fire Service’s particular payroll system. The fields, format, and frequency are determined together with the customer.

Missing information warnings

FireServiceRota warns if there are reports missing approval before the export. Amendments can be made later by authorized personnel and the system can identify modifications to create a supplementary export file.