Technical Information

The technical bits and bytes behind our world-class IT infrastructure

Service instead of servers

To use FireServiceRota, there is no need to buy and install dedicated servers, or have a maintenance team available. Our software runs in the cloud in multiple Tier IV datacenters for redundancy and failover.

FireServiceRota provides regular software updates and technical support to ensure servers are maintained, secure and backed up with 99.9% uptime reliability.Our uptime statistics are publicly available.

Secure communication

All communication with our server is encrypted using TLS/SSL to keep your data safe against prying eyes.

Continuous backups

Our servers continuously backup all data to a secure off-site location.

Even in case of a catastrophic failure (of this magnitude), backups are only seconds behind production data.

Your data is secure

To be able to access any sensitive (user) data, FireServiceRota administrators are required to use two-factor authentication.

Public-key authentication is used to login to production servers instead of (insecure) passwords. Keys can be revoked at a moment's notice.

All drives of our employee's computers are encrypted with bank-grade encryption. As a result, theft or loss of hardware does not expose user data.

Using two factor authentication, an administrator must show there is something only she can know (her password) and only she can have (her smartphone).

State of the art technology

Our philosophy: rapid development and clean coding on a stable and secure platform results in a world-class product.

Continuous Integration
Our 1478 (and counting) automated test cases continuously test our code to make sure we do not accidentally break anything while building something new. This avoids defects, and increases the speed with which we deliver innovative features.

Real-time error capture

As with all things in life, sometimes something goes wrong. We realize this all to well.

Because of this, we use real-time error capture and reporting provided by Sentry to ensure we find out and fix errors before our users even notice them.

For more information, visit Sentry website.

Continuous updates

Our development team regularly releases new updates (often multiple times a week). These updates improve security, performance, or enable new functionality for the end user.

Most importantly, updates happen without interrupting our user. Our servers are updated one by one (staggered), resulting in 0 downtime.

Modern front-end technology

React is a front end technology that enables real time rendering in the browser, that is, update the data you see on screen without the need to refresh the page.

This technology was developed by Facebook to handle the massive volume of data the social network has to process in real time and is preferred and used by many top sites.