On-call when needed, free when possible

Our API makes it simple to integrate  FireServiceRota with other applications so data can be shared between systems.

All customers have access to our public RESTful API (a simple yet powerful format that uses standard HTTP operations) with over secure 50 endpoints. Each endpoint is clearly documented and comes with usage examples. You can find our fully documented library here.

It gives third-party applications fine-grained read/write access to many features discussed in this document, including:


contractual targets

Hours/shifts worked and progress towards contractual targets.

crewing statuses

Historical, current and projected appliance crewing statuses.

Incident confirmation

Incident confirmation status including expected time of arrival.


Incident and course attendances.


User's activity and skills.

Audit Logs

Access historical audit logs.

Extra Shift Requests

Search for candidates and send out requests.

View and update rotas

Viewing and updating rotas and availability. This includes an (optional) warning and request for confirmation if an update causes crewing deficiencies.

create announcements

Create and view announcements for (groups of) stations, and service-wide ones.