Monitor ongoing incidents with improved Flexible Incident Dashboards

FireServiceRota’s one-of-a-kind Dashboard Module provides a fully customisable canvas that allows users to arrange widgets with the information they need in a way that suits their needs. 

When an incident comes in, the Station Dashboard automatically changes to incident mode, showing critical information about the type and the location of the incident, as well as responding crew. 

Over the last few weeks we added new widgets and features to provide a full picture of an incident when every second counts. 

Take a look at what’s new:

Incident message

The incident message widget now provides a description and the full address (if available) of the incident. Also, it displays a counter that keeps track of the time since the incident was created. 

Text to speech

One of the most important new features on the Incident Dashboard is that all this information is also available on Text-to-Speech. Have a look:

The Incident Message widget has the option to speak the incident message, allowing crew to focus on getting ready without the need to stare at the monitor. 

Live Incident map

We have added clearer markers to the Live Incident Map: a truck represents the Station, while an exclamation point represents the incident location. You can now also find the directions between the Station and the Incident.

Street view

Another new widget available is the StreetView Widget, which displays the facade of the address provided for the incident. This is a very helpful tool for crews to get a picture of the incident location, saving valuable seconds. 

Incident crewing warnings

Lastly, we have introduced a new widget that displays the Crewing Status of the notified appliances in real-time for ongoing incidents, which aims to provide a  clear indication of whether an appliance is understaffed.

In summary...

We are working hard to make FireServiceRota the ideal system to monitor ongoing incidents. These improvements are meant to help fire crews when every second counts. 

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