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Customer Support Agent 

MX full time - To apply, please send your CV to

Position Description

FireServiceRota is dedicated to supporting Fire and Rescue Services around the world. 90% of our users are firefighters, the remaining 10% are office workers, paramedics and in-house emergency responders. 

We take great pride in the fact that we help those who help others. This is a big source of motivation for us (besides working on challenging and cool problems with a great team of people in a trusting environment).

As a Customer Support Agent, you will help accomplish our company’s mission which is  to contribute to a safer world & happier first responders through world-class software and service by happy self-improving people. Your work will have a very high impact and potentially save lives.

What you’ll do

  • Responding to customer queries in a timely and accurate way, via email, our helpdesk or chat
  • Identifying customer needs and helping customers use specific features
  • Analysing and reporting product malfunctions
  • Follow up with customers to ensure their technical issues are resolved
  • Evaluating end-users satisfaction and identify improvement actions
  • Identify and execute improvement opportunities to provide support (new FAQs, UI improvements, training materials, etc)

Must have

  • Passionate about helping others and our customers
  • Fluent English written and spoken. This is our primary communication language with both teammates and customers.
  • Good communication skills: Ability to work with people from different careers, cultures and backgrounds (NL/MX/UK/DK). Specifically, because you’ll be working alongside the Dutch company owners, you need to feel comfortable to speak up, challenge the status quo, and get used to very flat hierarchies. We value honest feedback over “processes” and “positions”.
  • Curiosity and creativity: There will be times in FireServiceRota when you will be faced with a problem that may have multiple solution approaches. It is up to you to learn as much as you can about, not only the system, but about the processes our different customers follow to find the ideal solution to your challenge.
  • Openness to receive constructive feedback, and willingness to give constructive feedback to others
  • A knack for self-learning
  • Self-management and self-discipline. You won’t have a manager who looks over your shoulder. We want you for your brains, not to fill a seat in an office from 9 to 5. This is both a challenge and an opportunity!
  • Long term commitment: we are looking for someone who looks forward to building a career with us. We want to invest in you in the form of mentoring, improving your skill sets, and providing a trusting and open environment. We ask that you do the same and invest in us.

Nice to have

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communication, IT or related.
  • Experience using help desk software and remote support tools
  • Experience in a customer service-related role
  • Experience working remotely (home-office) with efficiency and responsibility. 
  • Familiarity with working using the Agile methodology. You will find this resource useful. 
  • Work hard & play hard: take work seriously, but also have fun with your colleagues

Who are we?

Our story goes back to 2006, when one of our founders built the first version of a scheduling system for firefighters together with his then-employer, a commander at the local fire station in The Netherlands. Since then, we have grown to hundreds of fire stations in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Denmark.

Our mission is to contribute to a safer world & happier first responders through world-class software and service, provided by happy self-improving people. 

Our values

People > Employees

We believe that the most important asset to the company is the people that collaborate in it. This is why we care more about people’s wellbeing than metrics of performance. We understand that the former naturally leads to the latter. 

Self improvement

The nature of the work will always take us to new heights. It is up to each individual to stand up to the challenge and learn from themselves as well as from others to continue improving on a technical, professional and personal level.

Communication > Processes

Open and flexible communication is always better than rigid processes. Sometimes it’s tempting to formalize a way of working to prevent mistakes from happening, and this is definitely not something we avoid. However, nothing is more effective than just asking for a quick chat with customers or teammates to discuss what happened, openly talk about the underlying feelings, and identify a better way forward.

Shared responsibility

We are a team. While each individual contributes with their own skills and strengths, the end result is crafted by everyone. Our success is achieved as a team, but so are our mistakes. We celebrate together, and we improve together.

We take pride in what we do

We feel privileged to serve those who serve in the front lines. We feel our job is special and we acknowledge this by putting our best foot forward to deliver world-class software and service to our customers.

How do we work?

The roles in the company are fluid. Being a customer support agent does not mean support will be your only task. Cooperation and communication between our teams is the core of our operations. We value human interaction to keep the team dynamics strong. This includes Virtual Coffee hours, breakfast together, and out-of-office activities such as bowling, dining, and even VR gaming nights.

We are a small group of awesome people who trust each other. This is particularly evident during our retrospectives. At the end of each sprint, we get together to evaluate the last two weeks. We openly discuss what went well, but also what could have gone better. Sometimes this leads to emotional conversations in which we discover something new about ourselves. In these conversations, trust and vulnerability are our greatest assets. We are human, not cold machines.

With great flexibility comes great responsibility. For this to work, communication with other team members is imperative, as well as self-imposed discipline.

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